How to Join

Membership costs £35, which will provide membership for a twelve month period. You will receive a current newsletter (which subsequently you will receive approximately every 3 months), a Journal, a handbook (containing members’ names, contact details, etc) and further information about the club, its huts, how to get on the Club e-mail, etc, etc.

Membership is open to those who have reached their 18th birthday, unless the would-be member has a parent in the club who will be responsible for them during club meets. Membership is normally granted to anyone who is already an active climber (or caver) to some degree. This is because the club is not a climbing school, as this would require qualified instructors to take legal responsibility. The aspiring member will normally be expected to be able to lead at least V Diff in a safe and competent manner before Full Membership is confirmed. A preliminary grade of membership (referred to as Graduate Membership) will normally be offered in the first instance. The Graduate Member will be expected to attend 5 or more meets in their first year before applying to become a Full Member; meanwhile, s/he will enjoy pretty well all of the benefits of full membership. If the 5 meets are completed within 6 months the Graduate may apply for full membership without delay. This may be seen as a complex affair but it is designed to ensure that the club remains an assemblage of active, competent and safe climbers. The club is very welcoming to newcomers, experienced and less experienced alike. Join Now