How to Book

LC&CC owns two huts which give members comfortable, low cost accommodation within the heart of the mountains. The largest is Tranearth hut just outside Torver near Coniston. Dan y Mynydd hut is situated in Tanygrisiau near Blaenau Ffestiniog LL41 3ST

Tranearth sleeps up to 30 and Dan y Mynydd sleeps up to 11. Bookings for both huts are made and availability checked by contacting our hut booking secretary, phone Hazel on 01724 349454 or email: On arrival, all who are staying must sign the register and read the information. On departure make sure relevant switches are turned off, the hut is locked and all rubbish taken away. Payment is made for each bed night either by use of the hut safe or through BACS. The cost per night is £9 for non-members. See handbook or register for concessions and members’ rates. Hut keys can be issued to full members. Tranearth has no vehicular access. The walk from car park to hut is approx. 1km. There is a small members’ room at Tranearth.

Tranearth Availability

Dan-Y-Mynydd Availability