Sport Climbing

Sport climbing can be a useful step into the world of outdoor climbing, but even if you’ve learnt to climb outside, it’s perfect to focus on the climbing, push your technique to the limit and not worry (too much!) about the gear. Lancashire is perfectly placed for sport climbing, where venues are fairly thick on the ground with only a little travel so more time is spent on the rock.

Lancashire is surrounded by three fantastic Sport areas which the club regularly visits. Wales has a surprisingly good spread of sport climbing possibilities, not just its traditional climbing. North Wales limestone, Llandudno, A55 and Lower Pen Trwyn provide a spot on the way to a weekend in Wales or even offer a weekend’s enjoyment in themselves, with a total contrast down the road in the Slate Quarries. Heading the opposite direction, Yorkshire is most definitely a place where it is possible to have your cake and eat it, climbing at some world class venues. With some knowledge, this area caters for all weathers and temperatures, with crags exposed to plenty of sun in the winter, those 'sheltered in the rain' harder crags, fine shaded venues for those tropical English summers, and windy exposed spots with lovely cafes. To the south, the Peak district has lots of classic routes on old quarries and natural cliffs in beautiful surroundings. It is well worth seeking out smaller venues which, although not nearly as popular as the well-known crags, are still plenty in abundance with a little walk and are well worth a visit. Generally, during spring and autumn, LC&CC members follow the sun for a week or two, heading to the well-known spots like Kalymnos, south of France and Costa Blanca but also seeking out the less popular and less polished venues like Roca Verde and Finale Ligure.